Brighten the day of someone in a personal manner with a gift box and a uniquely designed card in 3 simple steps at Hills & Field.

Step 1: Select a gift box

We lovingly curate gift boxes with a selection of premium products for all occasions, including sensitive moments.

Step 2: Select a card

With every selected gift box, you can choose from a selection of cards we have specially designed to be included in the gift box.

Make it even more special by including a personal text which we will handwrite on the card for you.


诚心 [chéng-xīn]

To be completely committed in an earnest and sincere manner, free from all reserve, without any hesitation.


欣喜 [xīn-xǐ]

To bring delight to those who have risen above adversity. Gift a touch of sparkle and an encouraging lift. 


休息 [xiū-xí]

To bring a whiff of spring in the fields to those who have faced uphill battles. Gift a moment of renewal for the heart & soul. 


激情 [jī-qíng]

To express enthusiastic eagerness, to be devoted to the growth of someone or something in a passionate manner.


亲属 [qīn shǔ]

To care, be bonded with and to relate. To feel close and deeply connected.


感恩 [gǎn'ēn]

To express thankful gratitude or appreciation. To warmly or deeply value and hold in high regard the kindness or benefits received.


英勇 [yīng-yǒng]

To be bold, to be brave. To exhibit courage with strong determination in the face of adversity.


思念 [ sī-niàn]

To remember and cherish what was once beloved and will always be. To find new beginnings after grieving a loss.


喜庆 [xǐ-qìng]

To express good wishes, to extend praise for an achievement or on a special occasion, to delight at the success or good fortune of another.

Step 3: Confirm your order and let us do the rest

Once your order has been placed, we will start writing the card and wrap up your gift.

You will receive a notification by email once the gift box has been posted.

When your special someone has received the gift box, you will hear from him/her.

We look forward to hearing your stories. Tag #hillsandfield on all social channels.

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